Sunday, August 31

Purify Thy Heart

So insha'Allah, tomorrow Sep.1st is the first day of Ramadan here in Calgary. I wish all my precious readers a month full of blessings. Please remember to keep all your brothers and sisters in your du'as. Stay focused and exert yourself in His worship and remembrance. These days won't be back until next year, and who knows.. you might not even live to experience these precious days again.

Ramadan Mubarak, beloveds!


So just watched a few interesting videos lately and thought I'd share with others if they already haven't seen those..

Tariq Ramadan: How Can We Read Qur'an Today?

And.. (this one actually talks about the hijab)

The Rules & Regulations of Muslim Fashion


Monday, August 25

The Heart Wheel Journal

.. for those of you who don't have it, thought I'd post so perhaps you can benefit as well insha'Allah.

The Heart Wheel Journal

You just gotta love AlMaghrib, and DiscoverULife.

P.S. In October, AlMaghrib is making it's first ever appearance in Western Canada (Calgary, AB), and I'm beyond excited Alhamdulillah, since it's also going to be my first ever seminar with AlMaghrib! More to come on that one insha'Allah.

Saddened, Maddened..

Ahmed Faraz's death was saddening. On top of it all, Pakistani politics is always there to make things even 'better'. When are we ever going to have a stable government!? (Trick question, perhaps.)

Tuesday, August 19

On Marriage and Failures..

If all else fails, get married and THEN.. make sure THAT doesn't fail!

Saturday, August 16


For Rumi the sema was an emotional relationship between man and God. in his Divan, he states:

Sema is only for the restless spirits -- so jump up quickly, why do you wait?
Do not sit there with your own thoughts -- if you are human, go to the Beloved.
Do not say, "Perhaps He does not want me."
What business has a thirsty man with such words?
Does the moth think about the flames? For Love's spirits, thought is a disgrace.
When the warrior hears the sound of the drum, at once he is worth ten thousand men.

-- Graze in the Meadows, Shems Friedlander

P.S. I'm no Sufi, but I read some of Rumi's work and I think he was absolutely brilliant with words and expressions, amongst many other things.

Wednesday, August 13


It probably does not mean anything, but I kissed a dolphin in my dream last night, and it felt GREAT!

Saturday, August 9

Counting Down..

.. four more days til August 14th; four more days til Pakistan turns 61.

Friday, August 8

"The Inner Journey"

..human existence is significant, that life essentially makes sense in spite of our confusion, that man is not here on earth by accident but for a purpose, and that whatever that purpose may be it demands from him the discovery of his own meaning, his own totality and identity. A human being is born to set out on this quest. ... Every true teaching, every genuine tradition has sought to train its disciples to act this part, to become in fact followers of the great quest for one's self.
-- Parabola Anthology Series
"Longing for God burns away our impurities."

- Taken from Travelling the Path of Love